Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sick, sick, sick....end scene

Sorry to have stalled on the blog, but have been undone by germs and unfortunately, diabetes. For all my friends out there, if you have to go to a MPTF Health Center, please wear a hazmat suit, because I have caught a doozy of a cold from either Woodland Hills or Westside.

So, once I'm back to normal, I'm going to make a few changes in my experiment, mostly with using low-carb and or sugar-free recipes. Any tips or recipe suggestions, please bring it on!

I have found IMHO the best yogurt, Siggi's. Unfortunately, I found it at Whole Paycheck, but it is sooo good and uses agave as a sweetener. The Orange-Ginger, in particular is super. Crystal Light popsicles have the consistency of a granita, and are yummy, too. I have only seen them at Ralph's, locally, but am keeping an eye out elsewhere. And, I add mandarin oranges to sugar-free Jello in Strawberry Banana or Orange flavors, and this comes out pretty well.

And so, my sugar and carb days are over. It's a line I've said before, but now, must be carried to fruition. Hope to post something less dour by the end of the week, when I've kicked this cold.

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  1. april...have you tried freezing fruit and then whirring it in a really strong blender (i have vitamix) with only a bit of liquid and a bit of protein powder to make a sorbet? It is really great! can make your own jello with your favorite sugar free juice and a little gelatin.