Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer

I feel the summer just raced by. I'm a little undone that it's the last day of August. What did I do? Why do I continue to procrastinate? Oh, well, what's not done is not done.

I've had this recipe stuck on my fridge since June. Asparagus Summer Salad, from Sunset Magazine, is another delicious veggie salad with a lemon/Dijon dressing. And, I toasted my first nuts today. Really, first time. There is no excuse.

However, I did make some adjustments. I forgot the chives and cilantro, so I used Italian parsley and basil in the dressing. And, I put all the dressing ingredients in my mini food processor, as I wasn't in the best shape for whisking. See prior post about mandolines, blood and bandaids...

This is definitely a new addition to the repertoire. Is it dinner time yet?

I'm germinating on my encounter with Martha Stewart in 1989. Should be posting that tale in the near future.
And, I am linking each website's resume to the title of each post. I'm so tricky...

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